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A website about birds and bird-related services on the island of Hawaii.

Wild Birds of Kona

Hawaii Island Bird Species of Interest

While all wild birds are protected by federal and state regulations, some species are more protected than others.  Simple rule of thumb for birds in Hawaii:  If it belongs to a species with a Hawaiian name, chances are good that it is native, possibly endangered, protected by federal and state regulations, and that those regulations are more likely to be enforced.  This means that there are fines and penalties for trapping, transporting, keeping, breeding, rehabilitating, relocating, or killing members of these species without relevant permits.  This also means there are special resources and protocols for aiding them when they are ill or injured. 

Persons to contact:

  • Hawaii Island Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW):  808 974 4221
  • Hawaii Wildlife Center:  808 884 5000
  • Steve Snyder:  808 938 3303



Malama ka manu
"steward the birds"


The wild birds of Kona that you are more likely to encounter are non-native, non-endangered species. They can still become sick or injured. They can still feel pain, fear, anxiety.  KSKC's Wild Bird Project does not discriminate against sick or injured wild birds based on species.  That being said, my time and resources are finite; I cannot independently accommodate every ill and injured bird that is brought to my attention. My "nest" can only accommodate 2 or 3 "guests" at a time.