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Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya, DVM


A website about birds and bird-related services on the island of Hawaii.

Who I Am


I have lived with birds for more than three decades. I knew even before going to veterinary school that they would be a part of my practice because there were so few veterinarians who knew anything about birds. I did my externships at clinics that cared for bird patients, both pet birds and wild birds. I spent ten years at an avian specialty practice in Massachusetts before returning to Hawaii in 2004.

I brought knowledge, skills, and experience with me, but not the desire to build and manage a veterinary hospital or a staff. So I mostly work independently as a house-call veterinarian. I evaluate birds and I teach people how to care for them.Often this works in the bird's favor. Birds are generally more relaxed, eat better, and recover faster from illness when cared for by familiar people in familiar settings. Home-based care also minimizes disease transmission between different sick birds.

That being said, home-based care is not appropriate for every situation or for every bird and client. I conduct free phone interviews with each prospective client before scheduling a visit to make sure that I am appropriate for their needs and can accommodate them in a timely enough manner. There are other veterinarians on the island who evaluate and treat bird patients.

I believe in diagnosing patients and treating them accordingly.  I integrate conventional and alternative therapeutics including drugs, herbs, and acupuncture.  I advocate nutritionally and environmentally enriched lifestyles for keeping our avian companions physically and mentally healthy.


Chi Institute, advanced acupuncture program (2010)

Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii, courses in Chinese herbology (2007-2008)

International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, basic veterinary program (2005-2006)

Boston University School of Public Health, course in medical ethics (2002)

Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (1991-1995)

Wellesley College, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (1984-1988)

Pearl City High School (1984). (Yup. Local grown. Went away. Came back.)

Work Experience

Kindred Spirit Kindred Care, LLC (2004-present).

Windhover Veterinary Center (1995-2004) is a small animal and exotics practice near Boston owned by radiologist and avian specialist, Dr. Marjorie McMillan. Practice offerings include: radiology, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, surgery, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and integrative medicine. My caseload was approximately evenly divided between dogs, cats, and birds. My particular interest was avian surgery.

South Bay Veterinary Associates (1989-1996) is a 3-veterinarian small animal practice in Boston. I worked here as a full time technician for two years, then on weekends through veterinary school. In my first year as a veterinarian, I divided my time between South Bay and Windhover. In 1996 when I was offered full time positions at both practices, it was my interest in avian medicine and surgery that won.

 Professional Memberships

Association of Avian Veterinarians

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture

International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association