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Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya, DVM


A website about birds and bird-related services on the island of Hawaii.

What I Do

I work mostly as a house-call veterinarian by appointment only. I do not presently have an office. Please do not ask me to meet your avian companion on the side of the road or at a friend's house as the former is awkward and the latter is inappropriate.

Services that can be done in a home setting:
  • Patient evaluation and assessment
  • Nutritional and diet consultation
  • Behavioral consultaion
  • Habitat consultation
  • Specimen collection for diagnostics such as blood tests, cultures, fecal parasites check, cytology, etc.
  • Minor procedures such as spliinting, feather cyst removal, etc.
  • "Spiffing"
    • Nail trims
    • Wing trims
    • Beak trims / shaping
    • Leg band removal
Services possible by special arrangement:
  • Radiographs (xrays)
  • Anesthesia and surgery
  • "Hospitalization" and intensive care (timing and circumstances permitting)